B.Tech/B.E. Project Award 2018 (India East & North-East) for Computing Streams

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The following list is un-ranked:-

Round 1 Contest Results (Finalists)

Team No.Student Name(s)Project TitleInstitute
Day 1 slots: (teams 1-21)
1Debayan Bandyopadhyay, Souvik SarkarSmart Healthcare System (ECG Based)Techno India, Salt Lake
2Shreya BarmanDetection and Assessment of Image and Video DegradationTechno India, Salt Lake
3Antava Mondal, Ankita Lodh, Mouli PandeyBox-Office Prediction SystemTechno India, Salt Lake
4Avijit DharNetwork Based Team Formation - A Case Study on ODI CricketGovernment College of Engineering & Ceramic Technology
5Soumyadipta Banerjee, Sanket SethAn Attempt at Devising a Junction to Junction Dynamic Routing Algoritm Using V-to-I and I-to-I Communication in V.A.NET.University College of Science and Technology, University of Calcutta
6Adhyeta Senapati, Aditya Jaiswal, Soma Chakraborty, Rajib SahooIdentification of Target Object Using Hyperspectral Image DataGovernment College of Engineering & Ceramic Technology
7Anrini ChaudhuriUnveiling the Unpredictability of Stock MarketTechno India College of Technology
8Argha Nandan, Abhisek KarmakarIdentification of Optimum Drug Combination for Cancer using Boolean NetworksTechno India, Salt Lake
9Ayantika Banerjee, Pallabi Sen SarmaSentimental Analysis on Facebook data using RCalcutta Institute of Engineering and Management
10Arka Mitra, Debdeep Saha, Harsh YadavHeart Attack Prediction and Information SystemTechno India, Salt Lake
11Shaunak Guharay, Panchali DasFast Food - A Real Time Deep Learning Approach for Food RecognitionTechno India, Salt Lake
12Shiwam Bhadani, Rishab BhattacharyaFace Detection And RecognitionTechno India, Salt Lake
13Subhadra Sundar Chakraborty, Suvaditya SurMOJO: Mini Online Judge OperatorRCC Institute of Information Technology
14Tanmoy Mukherjee, Shayon Gupta, Poulomi Sen, Vijay PandeyGo-Park: A Parking Lot Allocation System in Smart CitiesMeghnad Saha Institute of Technology
15Raihan Sarkar, Soumalya Boral, Sinjan Dutta, Vikram RayObstacle Detection and Path Retracing Robot for Industry ApplicationTechno India, Salt Lake
16Somesh KhandeliaDevelopment of a Cost-effective Embedded System for User Identification through IoT applicationNational Institute of Technology, Durgapur
17Jit Dutta, Tamal MondalDigital Image SegmentationRCC Institute of Information Technology
18Koustav Chanda, Diptangsu Goswami, Anurag DuttaAutomated Drugs Prescription SystemAcademy of Technology
19Manosij Ghosh, Soumyadeep ThakurFinding Frequent Co-occurring Items from Transaction StreamJadavpur University
20Sagnik Mondal, Chinmoy S MahapatraDetecting Fraud in Transaction StreamJadavpur University
21Shubham Pandey,Kaushik Deka,Swasat Dutta,Nayan Jeet DewriIoT based Smart AgricultureCentral Institute of Technology, Assam
Day 2 Slots: (teams 22-38)
22Adrish Dey, Tamal MondalPasswords Guessing Using Recurrent Generative Adversarial NetworkNetaji Subhash Engineering College
23Soujanya RayDetermining the number of clusters using a novel Cluster Packing Density AlgorithmNetaji Subhash Engineering College
24Soumya Kanti NaskarAutomated Raga Indentificaion of Hindustani Classical MusicJadavpur University
25Agamoni Ghosh, Ahana Bose, Aishani SinhaPulse Rate Detection From Facial ExpressionsB.P. Poddar Institute of Management and Technology
26Sadaf Sultan, Ashraf Ali AnsariA hybrid model for optimum gene selection of microarray datasetsGovernment College of Engineering and Textile Technology, Berhampore
27Sounava Mitra, Sayan Dutta, Satyaki MukherjeeBlind Assistance System Using Deep Learning Based Object Detection and Near Value Cartesian DistanceTechno India College of Technology
28Nimagna Biswas, Aneek RoyClassification of Moving Crowd Based on Global Motion FeatureJadavpur University
29Sugam Agarwal, Abhra ChaudhuriUndermining the Randomness in Earthquake Occurrences Using Signal Processing and Neural NetworkTechno India College of Technology
30Tamishra Ray, Sristi Jaiswal, Tania Banik, Sargam KaliaAutomated Brain Cancer Detection Using Refractive Index As the Primary Biological MarkerB. P. Poddar Institute of Management and Technology
31Sukanya RakshitSmart Mirror - a Secured Application of Artificial Intelligence Recognising Human Face and VoiceGuru Nanak institute of Technology
32Projat BanerjeeAutomated Crime Hotspot IdentificationUniversity College of Science and Technology, University of Calcutta
33Aman Saraogi, Anjali Goenka, Namrata NandyA Secured Child Care System using RFID in IOTAcademy Of Technology
34Soumyajit DasSmart Irrigation System on IoT PlatformAcademy Of Technology
35Rizwan Haque, Debraj SamantaSmart Home System With Real Time Database Using FirebaseGargi Memorial Institute of Technology
36Ankita Tewari, Sourav KunduSingle Window Protocol - A Medical Documentation InitiativeTechno India Batanagar
37Subham Verma, Mansi Bhatt, Piyush Kumar, Priyanka ChitlangiaVirtual Proctor based online examination systemTechno India College of Technology
38Sagnik Dakshit, Sayak Saha Roy, MD Faraz Zakir, Debanjan ChatterjeeIntelligent System for Resource Allocation and Nsp Based on Calculated Priority of PatientsCalcutta Institute of Engineering and Management

Note: Individual student academic merit is not evaluated at any stage in this contest - the project and only the project is evaluated as a team.