ACM Kolkata B.Tech/B.E. Project Award 2018

ACM is known for the prestigious Turing Award and International Doctorate Dissertation Award, sponsored by Google.
The Indian version of the award for PhD work carried out within India was started in 2011, sponsored by TCS (Tata).
ACM Kolkata Professional Chapter in the same line has started the Bachelor Degree Project Award from 2016 onwards.

2016 Contest      2017 Contest      2018 Contest

Awards: (cash voucher awards are sponsored by Ixia)
Winner Award: Rs. 25,000/-
Runners Up Award: Rs. 15,000/-
2nd Runners Up Award: Rs. 10,000/-
Special Mention Award(s): 1 year ACM membership voucher code for each team member (new or renewal)

Finals Agenda:- June 16,17

Average time per team = 20 minutes (3 teams per hour)

Day 1 (June 16 SAT):- Hall 205

Time Slot



9:30 - 10 AM

Day 1 Registration

Hard-stop at 10 AM

10 - 11 AM

Teams 2, 3, 5

11 - 11:15 AM

Tea Break

Jury Discussion

11:15 AM - 12:15 PM

Teams 6, 7, 9

12:15 PM - 1:15 PM

Teams 12, 13, 14

1:15 - 2:15 PM

Lunch Break

Jury Discussion

2:15 - 3:15 PM

Teams 32, 16, 17

Video Conferencing

3:15 - 4:15 PM

Teams 19, 21, 38

Video Conferencing

4:15 PM -

Hi Tea Break

Closing for the day

Day 2 (June 17 SUN):- Hall 205

Time Slot



9:30 AM – 10 AM

Day 2 Registration

Room 204-B

10 - 11 AM

Teams 22, 23, 24

11 - 11:15 AM

Tea Break

Jury Discussion

11:15 AM - 12:15 PM

Teams 25, 26, 27

12:15 PM - 1:15 PM

Teams 28, 29, 30

1:15 - 2 PM

Lunch Break

Jury Discussion

2 - 3 PM

Teams 31, 33, 34

3 - 4 PM

Teams 35, 36, 37

4 - 5 PM

Hi Tea Break

Final Jury Discussion

5 PM -

Awards (Live)

Speeches, Closing

Contest Finals date: June 16,17 Sat Sun.
Last date to upload Code, Project Report, Presentation:- June 13, 23:59 IST
Any changes (including minor) on or after June 14 to any documents uploaded in Google form (or shared via e-mail to will be ignored.

Layout: Time alloted for each time is 20 minutes including Q&A. 5 mins are mandatory for presentation, 5 mins for demo and 10 mins for Q&A. Teams with out any software components and experiments can show presentation for 10 mins explaining technical and mathematical details. Jury may decide to stretch or reduce the allotted time per team based on requirement of depth of understanding and evaluation of a project. For those away or located far, video conferencing details will be shared.

1. Project Report / Thesis: should be minimum 20 pages long with font size in range of 10 to 18. Can be double-column or single column as per choice, no specific guidelines: follow Institute / University guidelines. Minimum 20 pages including Header, Abstract, Acknowledgements, Table of Contents, Body, Figures, Appendix, References. Main content body cannot be less than 10 pages. If in IEEE/ACM double-column publication format, 10 pages in total will suffice. No upper limit on number of pages. This will be checked against Plagiarism Checker software (do not copy paste from somewhere else).

2. Code: software codes and projects need to be zipped (.zip extension) and uploaded in Google form. This will be checked against Software Checker for any copied content and copyright issues. Ensure proper credit of author (or link) in the external code used. Datasets (if not external) and experimental codes need to be zipped and uploaded as well. The copyright of codes will be retained by authors and the Zip will be deleted after contest ends.

3. Presentation Template : Link
In Presentation Template slides 1-10 are mandatory (can leave blank if no matching content) - slide 11 onwards you can add slides as per your choice, but maximum slides in total should not exceed 30 slides (i.e. extra 20 slides max). Font size should not be less than 18. You can add hyperlink to slides in Appendix (slide 11 onwards) from within slides 2-9 to make easy back and forth reference possible. NO slide transition and Fancy Animation.

4. Demo : Only research oriented projects with mathematical foundation are exempted from Demo - they can present their concepts in presentation for a total 10 mins slot. Students are expected to present their demos from their own laptop. They can bring hardware components if needed. A table for demo will be provided with power sockets.

Total Marks: 100 (30 marks allotted based on Project Report and Code uploaded)
Marks secured will not be shared. Top 10 teams (including winners) will be listed on award website page.
More than 30% plagiarism in Project Report / Thesis [ignoring References and Decoration sections] means NO Presentation - straight disqualification. If demo does not work at all in front of jury, straight disqualification (to set up the demo ample time will be given before-hand).

Google Form Link:-

More details will be updated here soon.

We have received an overwhelming response this year from India East for this prestigous award. Shortlisting is carried out by a large panel of senior experts and is based on claimed novelty, projected technical effort and problem's relevance to current world.

Initial Round Details (Below):-

Eligibility Criteria:

Application Fees (No Cash):

Rs. 1180 (including 18% GST) for a team of max. 2 members (co-authors in thesis)

Rs. 590 (including 18% GST) for each additional team member in same thesis (3 or more)

Example: Team with 1 student need to pay Rs. 1180, with 4 students Rs. 2360 and so on

Venue : ACM Kolkata Professional Chapter
Block JD, Sector III, Department of Computer Science & Engineering,
Tech Campus, University of Calcutta, Salt Lake, Kolkata 700098. Google Maps Link

Chapter Email ID: Primary: ; Secondary:

Important Dates :

Deadline for nomination submission: March 31 April 6, 2018 (extended on request)
Shorlisting Result Announcement: April 13, 2018
Deadline for final project/thesis submission: June 13, 23:59 IST
Contest dates: Saturday and Sunday June 16-17, 2018

Important Documents & Links :

Doc1. Call for Participation Link

Doc2. Hardcopy Nomination Form Link

Doc3. Project Description Document Link

Link1. Online Application Form (needs Gmail ID) Link

Jury: Invited from Academia and Industry [non-committee]

Contest Committee Members:

Process / Steps :

  1. Evaluate your thesis/project for problem definition, solution uniqueness, challenges, maturity, impact.
  2. Get written approval from your project supervisor / guide for participation in this contest and HoD by filling the nomination form [Doc2].
  3. Write a description about your project following the template of Project Description document and save as PDF (not Doc). [Doc3]
  4. Contesting teams need to fill a short on-line Google Docs Registration form [Link1] to register the nominated teams.
  5. Contest Round 1
  6. Final Round - 1 or 2 day event

Payment Process: Only Bank Transfer, no Cash or Cheque

Note the transaction no. at the time of payment - it is required at the time of filling online application Google form [Link1]

Payment: NEFT/IMPS in favor of "ACM Kolkata Chapter".

Bank Name: HDFC Bank

Branch: BHANDARKAR ROAD, Pune [Law College Road]

A/c No.: 50100188275566

IFSC Code: HDFC0000007

Mention "ACMKBPA18" and any one Student Name in payment comments / description.


Listener's Registration:

Eligibility: Students who are not part of contesting team, but willing to listen to the contest activities.

Application method: Send 1) Name 2) Institute 3) Stream 4) Passing Year 5) Mobile No. via e-mail to along with payment details.

Registration cost: Rs. 236 (incl. 18% GST) to be paid via above payment process, by June 5, 2018.